What Documents will I have to provide my Lender?

What do I need to do to receive a Loan pre-approval?


You need to Complete a Preliminary Terms request.


What do I need to do after the pre-approval if I want to move forward with the loan?


Completed loan application.

SOW Scope of Work.

LLC Docs.

Purchase and sale agreement if you have one.

Government ID


Where do I request Preliminary terms,

or Apply for a Loan?





The loan has been conditionally approved. 

What happens now?

  • Now that the loan has been conditionally approved, you will need to provide your HML with all the documents that will help them underwrite your loan.

  • Providing these documents in a timely matter will make the process much faster and easier.

  • If you have the documents stored in a digital folder and you can share them with your lender. This will make the process much faster and it will show your lender that you are different from from other investors. 

  • Note: This list may not be the same same for every lender, but having these documents updated and available will make it easier when the time comes.




What information do you need to provide to your HML?


Name of the Insurance Company

Proof of insurance before funding.

Insurance Agents full name

Phone number

Email Address


Mortgage payoff request

VOM subject

BP Disclosure form

Had Written LOE

Estimated Closing Statement


ID Forms

Evidence of hazard / Liability Insurance Coverage

Flood certification

Evidence of Flood Insurance

You must provide the following documents from your LLC/Entity for Underwriting.

  • Filed Articles of Organization/Certificate of Formation, including all amendments (or equivalent document required by the state).

  • Certificate of Good Standing (or an equivalent document) issued from the state in which the LLC was formed. The certificate cannot be dated more than 60 days prior to closing and must be provided regardless of the age of the company. 

  • Signed Operating Agreement, including all amendments, attachments and schedules, if any. Note: Should the LLC not have any operating agreement pursuant to its state law, aMember List shall be acceptable.

  • A complete Member List showing all members and managers and their respective ownership interests. 

  • EIN Number 

  • Any other documents or certificates as reasonably requested by VCC or required under state law.

  • If the property is located in a state other than the state in which the company is incorporated, the following documents issued from the state in which the property is located shall also be provided: 

  • A filed Certificate of Authority (or an equivalent document) showing the company is properly registered in that state. 

  • A Certificate of Good Standing (or an equivalent document) dated within 60 days of the loan closing. 

  • If the company’s ownership includes a non-natural person, documents concerning that entity may also be required to be submitted for revision. 

*Additional conditions may apply for rental properties.


PTD Conditions Description

  • Mortgage Pay-off Demand For subject property: For subject property

  • VOM Subject: Recent Mortgage statement and las 12 cancelled checks for proof of payment

  • BP Disclosure Form: And a CLA to be designed with LIVE SIGNATURE or DocuSign Only

  • Handwritten LOE: Describe business purpose, occupancy intent and proposed use for any cash received.

  • Must be on  borrowing Entity Letterhead.


Estimated Closing statement

  • Leases: For tenant occupying residence

  • ID Forms: Social Security Card 

  • Evidence of Hazard/ Liability Insurance Coverage: See Attached request form

  • Preliminary Title Report: Title commitment with 24 months chain of title, Plat map. Tax cert, Wire, ad PCL

  • Flood Certification: property in flood zone: Flood zone notice to be signed by borrower

  • Entity Documents: For your Entity ( Better Neighborhoods LLC)

  • Evidence Of Flood Insurance     

We have created this page for YOU. We want you to understand that there is still work to be done and that you still need to provide your Hard Money Lender (HML) with the documents that will help them to continue the underwriting process. Once all documents are in place your HML will provide final terms for your approval for the loan . If you accept the terms and conditions you will continue the process of getting your deal funded.

*Note: Some lenders could ask less or more documents.


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