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What are VA Loans?

VA Loans are residential mortgage loans available to Veterans of the United States Armed Services.  VA Loans are originated and funded by approved private VA Lenders and is guaranteed by the United States Department of Veteran Affairs.  VA Loans do not require any down payment from home buyers who are eligible for a VA mortgage with a Certificate of Eligibility.  If you are a real estate investor who have a home buyer who is approved with a VA Loan, your property that you are selling needs to meet VA lending and appraisal standards.


VA Lending Guidelines

Hard Money loan borrowers who are planning on selling their rehabbed properties to a home buyer with a VA Loan needs to make sure that the subject property meets VA Lending Guidelines.  The property needs to be habitable and in move in condition.  There needs to be appliances and all appliances needs to be in working order.  All utilities needs to be on and the home needs to have working hot water.  There cannot be any peeling paint, broken glass on the windows, or outstanding building violations.  VA Loans are simple loans to process, underwrite, and fund.


VA Mortgage Lenders

There are thousands of VA approved mortgage lenders.  If you have a home buyer with a VA approved pre-approval letter, make sure that the potential home buyer’s VA Lender is a no overlay VA Lender.  Many VA Lenders such as banks have VA lending overlays which are additional guidelines on top of the minimum VA Lending Guidelines.  Hard Money Capital Group strongly recommends Gustan Cho of Gustan Cho Associates ( ).  Gustan Cho Associates is a group of professional licensed mortgage bankers and correspondent mortgage lenders who specialize in VA Loans with no lender overlays.  Besides VA Loans, Gustan Cho Associates are experts in FHA Loans, Conventional Loans, USDA Loans, Jumbo Mortgages, Non-Conforming Portfolio Loans, Commercial Mortgages, and Private Money Loans. Please visit Gustan Cho Associates at

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