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If you need financing for a large scale commercial project, this is a great place to shop your transaction. The typical transaction that is shopped in this forum doesn’t conform to bank’s underwriting guidelines and is out of the range of most Private Money Lenders. In order for the Hard Money Capital Group to shop such a transaction we need some type of outline, a business plan, or projections, specifications, and any other supporting documentation that you can provide. A good cover letter is not just a must but very important. Under this category we will only entertain transactions with a $500,000 minimum to $10,000,000 finance need. Any individual and/or business entity is encouraged to apply or contact us at 1-800-900-8569 to see if we can offer a creative solution to their financing needs. We are also associated with Lending Network USA, www.lendingnetwork.org, a international private investment group where there is no minimum nor no maximum loan limits. Hard Money Capital Group mission is to have every private money borrower be our lifelong client so we will do anything possible to cater to their financial needs.

Lenders Looking For Large Scale Projects

If you are a lender that wishes to fund large scale projects, you have specific needs, and want the Hard Money Capital Group to market and qualify loan candidates and projects for you, please submit your contact information along with your general requirement. We will contact you and customize a marketing campaign to help you reach your goals. We never charge you upfront for marketing and work for a contingency. If you are interested in our services, please fill out the contact form below.

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