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Overview Of Hard Money Capital Group

At Hard Money Capital Group we market Loan Programs that exist and are possible. It’s not our mission to market loan programs that cannot be done. There are plenty of other sites that promote and even make promises about loan programs that are not possible to simply gather leads for sale or to make counter offers; and many sales people that work for or are affiliated with these marketing companies intend on pulling the old “bait and switch” on the down payment and terms on the transaction when the borrower is so far into the deal it is impossible to turn back. Even worse, sometimes a Website Private Money Marketing Company does not have the money in place at all, and the borrower can lose their earnest money, and any fees such as appraisal monies they have invested.

Investor Purchase

Minimum Down Payment

35% of Purchase Price

Minimum Loan Amout:

As Is Value $100,000: Minimum Loan Amount Can Be Lower

Property Type

Hard Money Capital Group is open to lend on all types of real estate.  From single family homes, to one to four unit multi-family homes, to apartment buidlings, mixed use properties, office buildings, strip malls, medical centers, self storage units, non-warrantable condominiums, condotels, and all types of real estate.

Bankruptcy And Foreclosures

Hard money loan applicants can have prior bankruptcies and foreclosures but cannot be currently in bankruptcy or the foreclosure process.  All foreclosures and bankruptcies must have been completed.  There is no waiting periods after bankruptcies or foreclosures to get approved with a hard money loan or private money loan with Hard Money Capital Group.

Appraisals And Other Fees And Costs

A BPO with interior photos will be required in most cases with cost range of between $200-$400. These BPO’s or Broker Price Opinions will be conducted by a national company with local vendors. In some cases an appraisal will required.

Minimum $4,000 Fee- in addition Loan Documents, Closing, possible Attorney, and when necessary outside investor costs are borrower’s responsibility

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