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Hard Money Loans With Hard Money Capital Group

Hard Money Loans are an alternative form of financing.  Hard Money borrowers are borrowers who do not qualify for a traditional conforming property loan with a bank or other mortgage lender due to either the property being not financeable or due to the mortgage loan borrower’s credit and financial profile.  At Hard Money Capital Group, we understand the importance of hassle free financing and lend qualified borrowers in need of private money and/or hard money.  All of our hard money loan programs are primarily asset based where at least 35% down payment is required or at least 65% equity is required.

Types Of Hard Money Loans Offered At Hard Money Capital Group

Hard Money Capital Group is a full service private money lender and will consider all real estate types to lend on as long as it makes sense.  Single family home and investment home financing, multi – unit homes, mix use properties, apartment buildings, apartment complexes, medical offices, dental offices, warehouses, self storage units, and office buildings.

Exit Strategy With Lending Network USA

Hard Money Capital Group is unlike its competitors where we help our hard money borrowers with bad credit improve their credit scores and credit profile so we can help them secure end financing for real estate investors looking to refinance their hard money loan to traditional low interest mortgage loans.  Our sister company, Lending Network USA  specializes in end lending financing and are licensed residential and commercial mortgage bankers and correspondent mortgage lenders.  You can visit Lending Network USA  at www.lendingnetwork.org.

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