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Hard Money Loan With Bad Credit


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Hard Money Loan with Bad Credit

Hard Money Capital Group Offers Private Money Loans To Borrowers With Bad Credit

The management team and the Board of Directors of Hard Money Capital Group consists of real estate investors, real estate developers, residential and commercial lenders, attorneys, contractors, and other real estate professionals that understand that consumers and business people go through periods of bad credit at one time or other in their professional lives.  The real estate and credit meltdown of 2008 has devastated tens of millions of hard working Americans, especially those in the real estate business.  One of the partners of Hard Money Capital Group, Gustan Cho, a real estate investor and developer who owned, managed, and operated mortgage than 3,000 residential units,  has lost over $100 million dollars during the 2008 real estate and credit collapse.  Besides losing all of his assets, Gustan Cho also inherited a super bad credit report with credit scores below 500 FICO.  Since then, Gustan Cho has re-established his life as well as his credit.  Gustan Cho and his associates at the Hard Money Capital Group fully understands that having bad credit does not mean that the real estate hard money borrower is always a bad risk.  Bad credit happens to the best of us and sometimes we have no control over it due to the economy or the extenuating circumstances.

We Specialize In Hard Money Loan With Bad Credit Borrowers

Hard Money Capital Group specializes in helping real estate investors, real estate developers, and consumers with obtaining Hard Money Loan with Bad Credit.  Since we are mainly an asset based direct mortgage lender, we are primarily concerned with equity than credit of the mortgage loan borrower.  We require a loan to value of 65% and the reason being is we expect the borrower to have skin in the game.  We underwrite each file with an open mind and consider all aspects of the borrower unlike traditional banks and other commercial lenders where they are just concerned with numbers.  Since many of Hard Money Capital Group’s management staff and Board of Directors also have been victims of the Great Recession of 2008, we understand private money loan borrowers who have went through periods of bad credit, bankruptcies, foreclosures, and collections.

Hard Money Capital Group: Full Service One Stop Shop Mortgage Lenders

Hard Money Capital Group is part of One Solution Real Estate ( www.onesolutionrealestate.com ), a full service residential and commercial end lender and credit consultants.  While you are a client of Hard Money Capital Group, you are also a client of One Solution Real Estate. One Solution Real Estate, www.onesolutionrealestate.com will help you on an end loan and exit strategy.  If you purchase a rental property with a private money loan from Hard Money Capital Group and are currently rehabbing it so you can refinance it to an end traditional conventional loan at much lower interest rates, One Solution Real Estate will find you the end loan.  One Solution Real Estate, www.onesolutionrealestate, are licensed residential and commercial mortgage bankers and correspondent mortgage lenders.

No Waiting Period After Bankruptcy And Foreclosure

There are no waiting period after bankruptcy and/or foreclosures to qualify for a private money loan with Hard Money Capital Group.  However, you cannot be in the middle of a bankruptcy or foreclosure.  Your bankruptcy needs to have been discharged and your foreclosure needs to be finalized and recorded at the county recorder of deeds office.

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